Jochem op ten Noort 1976, Naarden (NL)

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, BFA
(1997 – 2002)

Selected Exhibitions
2014 Delta Lloyd Amsterdam (solo)
2013 Shell Projects & Technology Rijswijk (solo)
2013 Espace Enny Laag Keppel (group show)
2013 Concordia Enschede (group show)
2012 Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam (solo)
2012 Kunstuitleen Amstelveen Amstelveen (solo)
2012 Gemeente Museum Den Haag Den Haag (group show)
2012 Art Traverse Bilthoven (solo)
2012 Sociaal Economische Raad Den Haag (solo)
2011 Rechtbank Rotterdam Rotterdam (solo)
2011 Kunstenlab Deventer (groupshow)
2011 European Commission Brussels (solo)
2011 OHRA Arnhem (solo)
2011 Realisme 11, PTA Amsterdam (group show)
2010 Espace Enny Laag Keppel (group show)
2009 Sociale Verzekeringsbank Amstelveen (solo)
2008 Lux Theater Nijmegen (solo)
2008 Kunstvlaai Amsterdam (group show)
2007 Kunstenlab Deventer (group show)
2006 SBK Amstelveen Amstelveen (group show)
2006 Delta Lloyd Amsterdam (solo)
2006 OHRA Arnhem (solo)
2004 Daily Nuisance Den Haag (solo)
2004 Art Laren Laren (group show)
2004 Gallery het Cleyne Huys Den Haag (solo)
2004 Studio 158 Amsterdam (solo)
2003 Gallery Walls Amsterdam (group show)
2003 Gemeentehuis Muiden (solo)
2002 Gallery Freek Berends Echten (solo)
2002 HKU-Festival Utrecht (group show)

Acquisitions and assignments
Delta Lloyd Amsterdam
Royal Dutch Shell Rijswijk
Ohra Arnhem
Sociale Verzekering Bank Amstelveen
SBK Amstelveen Amstelveen
Marco Sound Amsterdam
Bluefarmers Trust Laren
Palookaville Corporation Amsterdam
Faijdherbe Fiscalisten Weesp
Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht

Lexmark European Artprize (2004)

It all comes down to Nostalgia in the paintings of Jochem op ten Noort. Memories are the starting point in his work. He associates a wide range of topics with nostalgia: The Country side, details from nature, anonymous photo’s of people from the fifties and lost stuffed animals. These subjects refer to the personal memories of the artist, but also appeal to the associations and feelings of the spectator.

Research for the paintings are photo’s which he mostly shoots himself in the vicinity of his studio or whilst traveling in Southern Europe, Mexico and Central America. Sometimes he uses existing images, using his immense archive of images. These pictures are put very carefully onto the canvas. This time consuming process is done so precise that from a distance it seems that the paintings are printed. But when you come closer, one can see the brushstrokes in the acrylic and the small imperfections.

Jochem op ten Noort always makes a second layer on his paintings, through which he creates exiting double images. Mostly he paints literally two images through each other, or he puts horizontal or vertical wide stripes over the image whereby he introduces a shift in the color palette. Incidentally he puts a halftone image over the first layer of paint or he paints geometric forms over the first layer. This is a logical way for him to systemize his images.

He mainly works in series. Each set has a different theme. Between each other they vary quite a bit. Some series reflect on his youth, were he partly grew up in the US and he spent his holidays with his family in Mexico and Central America. Others refer to the contrast of the social climate between the past and present.